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Why This Program


After many years of listening to and working with executives around the world, we are keenly aware of a widespread experience of disorientation and disenchantment among leaders at all levels and in organizations across the board – from major corporations, to government departments, to charitable non-profits.

We all face a social, cultural, political, and economic environment that is changing at an accelerating pace. The demand to help organizations flourish when so much is in flux in the world around us can seem overwhelming, and the personal toll can be exhausting.

As executives and coaches, we are convinced that effective leadership requires resources both at the personal level of heart and soul, and at the visionary level of professional creativity and imagination. We believe that in this time of crisis an open-minded exploration of the resources that Christian experience offers can be life-changing.

A Personal Journey of Mind, Heart and Soul

“Roxanne and I attended this retreat together and we give it our highest recommendation for anyone who is looking for clarity in their lives and who seeks to find enchantment in the world.   

Arjan and Leng developed an excellent curriculum and a retreat process that was clearly the product of intense thought backed up by lifetimes of experience.  We both found that the process was deeply challenging, requiring us to respond with our best selves and with open hearts and open minds, not just as individuals, but also as a community.  

The talented support team and guest presenters assembled around us were inspiring and deeply committed to holding our hearts in their hands while they lead us gently and firmly through the most remarkable exercises.

Most importantly, the entire team created a safe space that enabled deep sharing and learning and genuine community to emerge.  We left the retreat with new friends, with new clarity about things that we only suspected about ourselves at the beginning, and with a new framework to move ahead.  

If you can only attend only one retreat this decade; Love Power Justice is the one!”

― Ron Steed (former Navy Commander, currently Deacon in Episcopal Church & Director of large nonprofit in Connecticut working with the homeless)


A Time to Reflect, Repair, Renew and Replenish


Our program will draw on insights, skills, practices and processes that have been shaped and refined over decades of coaching, consultancy and business leadership. Unlike other leadership programs, however, our retreat will also focus on the personal issues, challenges, dreams, hopes and transitions faced by each of our participants. We will bring focused spiritual attentiveness to the individual journey of each person, and support them in connecting to the deeper wellspring of renewal that lies within each of us, but that is often crowded out by the demands of our busy lives.

In listening to the joys and struggles, the hopes and dreams of executives of all kinds, we are aware that many of us have committed ourselves, over many years, to shape something worthwhile in the world, to bring care, commitment, purpose and vision to our families, our work, our organizations. We have had our successes, but we have also faced failures and uncertainty. Like a potter, each of us has tried to build something helpful, functional and even beautiful – and, in the process, each of us has also experienced disappointments.

This gathering is a time to reflect on what has been made, to repair what is strained, and to replenish yourself. The changes, challenges, and uncertainties in our world require leaders who are regenerative, who are open to the deep renewal that only an authentic soul-journey can offer.

In order to offer in-depth support to each person, we will limit the number of participants to twenty. We will also offer post-program, small-group structures that will provide on-going discussion and support for six months after the program.

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A place to honor old teachings with new spirit


This unique program will guide and inspire you as we dive deep into the rich wisdom, resources, insights and vision that have emerged from twenty centuries of Christian faith and practice, including:

Vocation and Mission:

Spiritual awareness, religious practice and personal faith are too often seen as disconnected from the workplace and from the everyday demands faced by executives and leaders. This disconnect serves no one. Leaders in corporations, government and non-profit organizations have a crucial role to play in building a world that values justice, love and peace, while also caring for both their own inner development and the well-being of their colleagues and employees. In this program we will explore an understanding of work as divine gift and career as calling and vocation. We will inspire and accompany you in re-examining and renewing your own sense of purpose and vision as a true leader.

Orientation towards Community:

From its earliest days, Christianity has cultivated insights and practices for building communities that value mutual service, honor the individual person, and nurture the common good. Such communities also call forth leaders who are able to be radical and daring, while still remaining grounded in humility and mutual trust.

Biblical Principles of Social Justice:

The Jewish/Christian tradition has a rich and profound history of social and cultural critique, as it has brought the call of God, the demands of justice, and the realities of human society into creative and challenging engagement. The principles of mercy, justice, service, welcome, and responsible stewardship offer both a guide and a touchstone for us today as we face our own environmental, political, cultural and economic crises. They also offer a measure for gauging the authenticity of our own leadership in our organizations and societies.

Spiritual Practices that Ground and Enliven

Christian spirituality offers practices, rituals, disciplines, and deep wisdom that have been tested and refined in religious communities and in the lives of visionary individuals over many centuries. Today, many people who grew up in Christian contexts are unaware of this rich heritage of wisdom-practice. And yet, Christian spirituality, with its emphasis on incarnation, on engaging with the world around us, on practical justice, and on discerning the voice of the Spirit in our concrete situations, is uniquely placed to speak to leaders and seekers in our time. We will explore, learn and share some of the deep-rooted spiritual disciplines, rituals and practices that Christianity offers. We will learn to listen for the movement of the Spirit in our individual lives, and we will also engage in practices that keep us balanced and grounded, that promote self-awareness and responsibility, and that help us connect with others with caring and love.

"...the only credible form of authority is born of sitting at the feet of others in order to serve Christ.... None of us should look down at others from above. The only time we can look at a person in this way is when we are helping them to stand up!” 

- Pope Francis, in his speech to 14 new cardinals in June, 2018