Renewing what really matters, 
becoming who we truly are,
doing what actually counts


We are often do not recognize the deeper dimensions of reality from which transformational change emerges. While we know a great deal about the external world, we know very little about the inner place within us, the Source from which we come from. It is this Source that we seek to connect to in our program.

We take an ontological position that Source (God, Christ, Buddha-Mind, Brahman etc.) is not just idea or metaphor, but Reality, that can be accessed through several doors. The door we have chosen is the Christian one.

We draw upon the life and teachings of Jesus, of the Hebrew prophets before him, and include the writings of some of the great teachers in the modern era, including:

Henri Nouwen, a Catholic priest who taught at Harvard and Yale and wrote that to see oneself as beloved by the Beloved, is to have healing balm applied to our traumas, thus growing new gifts from old wounds.

Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher observes that most people relate to each other in I-It relationships by treating the other as objects to be used, possessed or feared. But true relationships are I-You relationships which honor the reality that the other person in front of us is sacred, unique and of infinite worth.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated for opposing racism, militarism and unbridled capitalism, wrote that God is to be experienced in the Beloved Community, where rich and poor, black and white, and all manner of beings are learning to live in love with justice.

Thomas Merton, a catholic monk who worked with Thich Nhat Hanh on Christian-Buddhist meditation and resistance to the war in Vietnam; Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor who resisted Hitler and died in a death camp; Dag Hammerskjold, UN Secretary General and devout Christian who worked to foster justice with peace.

At Love Power Justice, we engage in the Arts (dance, music, sculpture) and in rituals (meditation) to access Source.  We practice Radical Hospitality. We use meal times to experience community and gratitude.

We are reclaiming the path of Jesus, where the meaning of human life is to be found in the Source, in the Kingdom of God within and among each one of us. This means that we journey inwards into the longing of our hearts to be loved, and journey outwards to love others.

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Balanced Care for Body, Mind and Heart

Our program will balance focused input, discussion, and reflection with time for rest and gentle recreation. Each day will follow a simple, quiet rhythm that will include meditative exercise, introductions of topics by faculty, healthy meals, small-group interaction, and facilitated group work. Dinners will be a celebration, often with a sacred dimension, and sometimes as a Christian Eucharist. Evenings will include time for reading, as well as the sharing of music, poetry and story-telling. Mind, body and soul will be nourished throughout this balanced week-long program, which will come as a welcome change from the pace and style of many training-type programs.

“Love Power Justice (LPJ) is best described as an experience. It provides inspiring discussions one expects of an executive leadership programme, with the joyful benefits of group coaching and access to one-to-one conversations that touch the soul. The programme appeals to all the senses through different art forms, discussion methods and true companionship. The experience is deeply personal in playing and wrestling with the questions about the balance between love, power and justice in what we do and in who we want to be. The highly talented staff team guarantees excellent facilitation and support. The retreat takes place in a setting offering the calmness of nature, wholesome food, and comfortable rooms. The LPJ experience has stayed with me….." 

― Mattanja de Boer, Head of Operations at EUROFOUND (Ireland)