October 17-22, 2019
Trinity Retreat Center, Connecticut, USA


An Executive Leadership Program that draws on the rich resources of mature and visionary Christian faith

Co-founders Rev. Leng L. Lim and Drs. Arjan Overwater invite you to a unique leadership program that will renew, challenge and inspire you to live from your deepest convictions and realize your core vocation.

Join in the exploration of questions that matter most in today’s times:

  • How do we exercise power in ways that are grounded in integrity and serve the common good?

  • How do we respond to the call of love in our lives, our relationships, our organizations, and our careers?

  • How do we work for justice in practical, visionary and sustainable ways?

“Power without Love is reckless and abusive
Love without Power is sentimental and anemic
Power at its best is Love implementing the demands of Justice
Justice at its best is Power correcting everything that stands against Love.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

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This unique program specifically draws on Christian principles and practices. It also incorporates cutting-edge insights into today’s demands faced by executives like you.

For many years, Rev. Lim and Drs. Overwater have been integrating skills developed as international business consultants and executive coaches with their advanced training as Christian theologians—a rare combination of disciplines.

The Christianity they practice is intellectually grounded and open-hearted. It is committed to the social gospel of justice and peace. It integrates deep spirituality with practical action in the world. It is committed to dialogue with other religious traditions, and with the sciences, the arts and philosophy. This is the Christianity of Martin Luther King and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, of Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton – it is Christianity that is grounded in the radical life and message of Jesus of Nazareth.

A ground-breaking program for leaders and visionaries



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